Reasons why Businesses should send Automated Handwritten Birthday Cards for Customers

How special is every birthday?

A birthday celebration no matter how big or small becomes special when the people close to the celebrant are present. More than material gifts and surprises, seeing people that matters in flesh, being with the dearest family and friends is what makes a birthday celebration memorable. Another thoughtful gesture is sending a birthday greeting that would be valuable to any celebrant. But what really makes a birthday greeting valuable?

In today’s digitalized world; messages, greetings or thank you notes are usually sent electronically. It can be sent via social media platforms, messaging apps, email or via text. The adored birthday card or notes lacks the very essence of sending out a genuine wish for the celebrant for being too digitalized most of the time.

In business, studies show that company leaders who still value personalization can increase revenue by ten percent or even more. The extra effort invested in creating handwritten birthday cards can contribute a lot in increasing the marketing power. This marketing strategy can reach the target audience with a personal touch translating to more customers and transforming existing ones to loyal patrons. In the long run, it would give a long-term benefit to a business.

For a marketing strategy to work and be effective, direct correspondence is a good choice because it can bring in more revenue while avoiding the unreliability and instability of electronic communications. Birthdays which come once a year are a good opportunity to develop a stronger business relation with customers and clients.

If you believe in the value effective marketing, here are a few reasons why you should consider to send automated birthday cards to promote a better growth of your business in the future:

Personalized handwritten birthday greetings are always considered as treasured mementos. Imagine if you receive an actual birthday card via mail, you’d definitely feel a lot of excitement, right? There’s also a feeling of being special and valued and that is exactly what your customers would feel if you send them handwritten birthday cards.

Automated handwritten birthday card is proven to be an efficient marketing tool. In most instances, businesses allocate a big chunk from its overhead expenses for marketing campaigns. Marketing is part of the lifeline of every business which is why it is valuable for a company to find the best solution in cutting down on time and cost of the activity. Apps and online web services that can provide an effective way to automatically send birthday cards are a great way to save. In this kind of service, you can easily choose the card design and get your personalized handwritten message on it. What makes it more cost-efficient and convenient is that they would mail it for you too. This will definitely save your company from extra expenses and time as compared to have it done by you, your employees or worse hiring people to write for you.

Handwritten automated birthday cards are instrumental in building good customer relationships. Sending handwritten birthday greetings will create positive impressions while you are building a long-lasting bond with your customers or clients. What’s good about automated handwritten birthday cards is that they look identical with actual birthday cards with handwritten notes. The automated system even allows your own penmanship incorporated in the card as if you originally handwritten the message.