Bubble Wrap Branding

I’m always seeking fun and creative ways to market my clients,

and myself so I just couldn’t overlook this opportunity. Chase’s

Calendar of Events has chosen January 30 as this year’s day when

Americans should stop and appreciate the uniqueness and

versatility of Bubble Wrap®.

Even more interesting is that Bubble Wrap® was invented as

plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. After the plastic

wallpaper failed to take off in the consumer market, the

inventors realized that their invention could be used as a

packaging material. Look where it is today, a mainstream of

modern life. We can all aspire to having our product become a

household word. Wouldn’t it be great if the first person someone

thinks of when they have a problem to resolve or needs a solution

were you and your product?

The point of this trivial information is to send home the message

that your success is all about branding. It is vital to brand

yourself. That means build an image in someone’s mind that pops

(no pun intended) to the forefront when they need a particular

product, service or expertise. Branding yourself doesn’t happen

overnight. First, you have to compete with the awareness factor.

(Do they even know that you exist?) Next, you have to overcome

the credibility factor. (They know who you are, but do they know

what you can do for them?) Finally, you have to tackle

accessibility or availability (Can they reach you when they need

to? Do they know where and how to get in touch with you?)

Think again about Bubble Wrap® and all of its unlikely

applications. People never seem to throw it away. They save it

for future uses or because it’s cool and works as a definite

de-stressor. That is how you want your clients/customers to think

of you. They save your info for when the need arises and remember

the infinite ways that they can use your services.

So what lesson can we learn from Bubble Wrap®? Sometimes our

marketing efforts might move in unpredictable ways. Ways we could

not have conceived when we thought of the original idea. However,

no idea, no matter how bizarre it may seem should be discarded.

The secret lies in capturing those ideas when they arise and

using them as a platform to focus on bigger and better

opportunities. So get out of your bubble and begin a strategy

that concentrates on branding yourself.