Customer Service

A Heart Warming Customer Service Success Story

What does great customer service do? Win a customer’s trust or make him a loyal patron for the rest of his life? The answer is actually a bit different; good service is what defines an enterprise’s core values and how much it is committed to serving the customers. It matters a lot more than just retaining your customers because it helps you establish a position in the market, which is onerous in today’s competitive landscape. Exceptional service is imperative to succeed, whether you are engaged in delivering call center outsourcing services or are running a multinational enterprise. This is what will count in the long run; so don’t just dwindle upon the sales and profit figures and start working on improving the service quality quotient.

United Airline Connects A Grieving Son To His Ailing Mother

In the past few years, many commercial organizations have started concentrating more on this aspect of the business. They have not just worked towards the betterment of delivered support services but have started creating unforgettable service experience and setting examples. One amongst such incidents that have proved how dedicated organizations are towards the customers is the case of Kerry Drake, who was on his way to meet his ailing mother for the very last time. Flying in a United Airline Flight, the grieving son had almost lost all hopes to see his mother in her final hours; that’s when a flight attendant came to his rescue. Without any delay, the crew of the connecting flight that Kerry had to board was informed about the situation. They decided to delay the flight and help the son reach his mother one last time. He reached the hospital to meet his mother in her final hours and bid her adieu forever the very next morning. This is a humane act that is rare in the corporate world where everyone is just fighting for earning better profits.

How benevolent it is to help someone in such a somber state, avoiding the fact that the parameter of success in this domain is an on-time departure record that the United Airline didn’t care about. They did something humanely right and made numerous patrons all across the globe. As said before, such acts define the enterprise’s core value and this airline has earned a 10/10 for passenger prioritization. They have shown the world how much they care and to what extent they can go to help their passengers, which undeniably is the most critical parameter of success in today’s business world.