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Taking Your Income to Greater Heights With Air Freight Brokering

Freight sales agents earn a considerable amount of commission when they choose to work with reputable leaders of the logistics industry. Although most shipping companies provide partial and full truckload delivery, not all offer air freight brokering to customers. The growing need for on-time delivery under any circumstance is adequately met by corporations with a wide range of aircraft cargo solutions. For freight sales agents who are satisfied with commissions from scheduling trucks, the expedited movement is going to be hard to ignore. Learning the advantages of specialized logistics will help professionals question whether their broker is contributing to their success, or selling them short.

Date Specification

Providing customers with a multiple day delivery window is an expected part of the trucking process, especially for less than truckload services. Manufacturers are often uncomfortable with flexible arrival times as a result of jeopardizing relationships with customers, inconveniencing warehouse receivers, and losing customers due to late deliveries. Distributors have the right to maintain high standards for products, and establish stability with customers. Logistics companies offering date specified services remain at the top of major manufacturers’ lists to protect hard-earned business reputations.

Timing and Precaution

Although they are the most economical choice, big rigs are obviously slower than airplanes, and the risk of damaging goods during transit is significantly higher. There is only one option provided by trucking companies that slightly improves delivery timing and fragile care; upgrading an LTL shipment to full truckload. An agent might offer this as a solution when it is the only method that could possibly salvage the sale. Full truckload shipments do in fact speed up delivery by one or two days. Damages are less likely with one customer’s goods on board, rather than collecting products that require multiple stops along the route.

The difference in cost between LTL and TL is rarely worth the benefit. If a customer’s goods only take up ten percent of a trailer’s total capacity, paying for the full truck is viewed as unreasonable, if not flat out ridiculous. Aircraft delivery services are the most logical accommodation for time-sensitive and fragile cargo, offering next day, second day, next flight out, and charter services that trucking companies simply cannot compete with.

Has This Happened To You?

Any freight sales agents that have lost a loyal customer due to special needs can relate to the disappointment of damaging relationships, as well as losing out on the commission earnings that could have easily been theirs for the taking. Air freight brokering services are regarded as the number one solution for customers experiencing an unplanned product emergency, as well as customers who regularly require capable methods for handling sensitive goods. The transition from a basic trucking company to a corporation that specializes in every aspect of the logistics industry gives an agent the earning potential they truly deserve.