Notable News – It’s Not About You!

You enjoy what you do. In fact, you love your product and want to tell everyone about it.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but no one cares!

Think about the last major purchase you made…maybe a car…did you buy it because you met a car salesman who told you how much he loved his work or did you buy it because you would spend less on fuel and maintenance and be able to spend more on eating out, make up or your favourite hobbies. Maybe it’s as simple as wanting to feel and look successful.

Rather than participate in the herd mentality you see and hear in advertising everyday, do something different. Speak to the motivation of your prospective customers. Connect with them.

A review of the five levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a good place to start.

1. The base of the pyramid is made up of those who are just coping with life and want basic physiological needs fulfillment: food, shelter, and clothing.

2. One level up are those who have a need to feel safe and secure. Stability, security of home and family and consistency in life are markers of this level. None of the higher needs can be addressed before these needs are met. Fears and anxieties develop here.

3. Love and belonging are next. Humans have a need to relate through groups, work, family……. This is the time that all those relationship books are purchased.

4. Esteem is not only self esteem from knowing what we know and being able to do what we do, it’s also the attention and recognition of others. This is where we buy a fancy car or a mansion on the hill.

5. The need to grow and self-actualize. This is to enable the maximizing of potential, knowledge, peace, self-fulfillment, and connection with God. Only approximately 2% of the world’s population has achieved this level of comfort and acceptance of self. The four lower levels are deficiency needs. Each of the lower levels must be met before moving up. The highest level is where we look outside ourselves for ways to can connect and grow, or opportunities to help others.

Where does your product fit into the scheme? Do you sell basic food, clothing, housing? Is it information you sell? What kind of messages can you develop that will resonate with your clients and motivate them to act.

If you aren’t sure what the right messages are, ask. Your customers will enjoy telling you why they buy from you. An additional bonus is that they feel valued by you because you asked for their opinion. The best marketers, test their messages, fine tune them and test them again.

It’s more productive to love your customers, than your product!