The Benefits of Metal Store Fixtures

Your choice of materials for store fixtures includes wood, metal, plastic and conglomerate materials such as pressed wood and fiberboard. Depending upon your budget, the weight and size of the product being displayed and the style of your retail establishment, one of these raw materials will serve your needs well. Custom metal store fixtures have become quite popular recently due to advances in methods used to improve the look of metal and a serious plunge in its price. Previously thought of as too heavy, too expensive or too limited in style, metal was frequently passed over for other materials more easily altered to suit changing style trends. It used to be that metal was used primarily for industrial-type establishments, but metal is now sought after for modern looking point-of-purchase displays, counters, garment racks and shelving systems.

Modern metals are lightweight, easy to work with, attractive and Last much longer than most other materials used for store fixtures. Freestanding and mounted shelving units, called gondolas, are now made into merchandise display systems in a variety of galvanized metals. Gondolas are useful for displaying merchandise ranging from videocassettes to shoes and clothing to cosmetics. By using bonded coatings, custom metal store fixtures can imitate any appearance you’d like, even wood, at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, they almost never require any specialized maintenance beyond simple cleaning with a damp cloth. For price, durability and style, today’s metal store fixtures can’t be beat.

Some of the newer custom metal store fixtures are designed to imitate standard slatwall panels. Instead of pressed wood or fiberboard, strong, thin metal sheets are produced with holes or grooves that will support a variety of attractive accessories that enable hanging and shelving displays for many products. Whereas the weight of the product is factor when using slatwall panels for displays, custom metal store fixtures can support far more weight without bending, cracking or diminishing the overall appearance of the display.