4 Ways of Using Video for Attracting Traffic and Enhancing Sales

During the last decade, videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for attracting audiences, inspiring them to remain on the site, and subsequently influencing them to purchase the product or service. They also help in increasing interactions with customers, be it through sign-up forms, website clicks, or any other desired call-to-action. They have the capability of instantly striking an emotional chord, and encouraging the engaged audience to convert into loyal customers. Listed below are three effective ways in which this marketing technique can help companies to enhance their top line margins:

1. How-to videos

Statistics reveal that how-to videos positively impact the purchasing decision of the customers. It is a great tactic of providing information on the features & benefits of the product, without rendering the feel of a sales pitch. It is a medium through which a company can solve the problems and answer the questions of customers, thus, encouraging them to go ahead with the purchase of their favorite item.

2. Online video adverts

This is, by far, the most efficient means of generating organic traffic to the website. As compared to other modes of advertising, video adverts have a better click-through rate. Further, they also contain an emotional aspect, which enables the brand to instantly connect with the potential customers on a personal level. Companies can also interact with their customers by sharing the adverts on major social media sites. Moreover, today’s customers use their smartphones for browsing the web. Due to the ease of viewing, they prefer to watch videos on their smartphones, thus helping the company reach out to a larger audience.

3. Incorporating a video on the website landing page and product pages

Placing a video on the most optimal locations of the site ensures that the customer stays on the website for a longer duration. While images are important, videos go a step further, in conveying the precise story behind the product, delivering requisite information, and making the consumers undergo a certain feeling about the appearance, benefit, and usage of the product.

4. Writing the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email newsletter

This is another fantastic way of grabbing the attention of customers. It truly enhances clicks on e-mails and increases the email sharing & forwarding rates. One can make use of a link or HTML5 format for incorporating the video in the mail.

By following the above-mentioned best practices, one can surely utilize the full potential of this medium for marketing, branding, and sales of a product. For expert advice, one may also consult a PR firm, which specializes in providing solutions in online marketing and allied services.