4 Online Tools To Simplify Running Your Business

With the advent of the pandemic, online businesses are thriving. Every business has now stepped into the online world. But it is quite challenging to survive in a not-so-known world. That’s why this blog will make you aware of the four tools that will help you to simplify running your business.

Having a brilliant idea is one thing but turning it into reality and a successful business requires a lot of hard work. There are certain documents that you need to sign, prospects you need to call, emails you have to send, and many other such formalities. To cut it short, there’s not a shortcut to fulfil all these tasks and even getting it done by others costs a lot. That is the reason this list has been compiled. To know more about it, keep reading!

4 Free Tools to Assist You In Running Your Business

1) HubSpot CRM

When it comes to sales, speed matters. Your salespeople can lose a sale to a competitor when they spend too much of their time finding information. HubSpot CRM allows your sales group to work even more efficiently by offering reps a complete history of their interactions with the clients.

Dissimilar to the other systems, CRM is both automatic and intuitive, which makes it quite convenient for the users to record calls, log emails and organize their data. This kind of quick and convenient access to the touchpoints assists in ensuring that reps are not sending recurring emails or mishandling the time with the clients that are not interested.

2) HubSpot Marketing Free

This is a free-of-cost WordPress plugin as well as a standalone website application curated by the HubSpot team. It is designed to assist you in understanding your web visitors better than before. Also, this tool makes it quite easy to find out who’s visiting your website and even what they are doing at that moment.

Using this tool, the users get insights into who fills out the form on their site. This helps the businesses in making more strategic moves.

3) Boomerang

Have you ever wanted to send an email on Friday but do not want it to get lost in the mailbox of the recipient?

Don’t worry, with the help of Boomerang, you can now write an email and fix a schedule for a specific time whenever you want to send it. Not only this, but Boomerang also offers various other features to make your tasks so much easier.

4. Slack

Emails, meetings, and unexpected visitors can make it quite tough to get your work done. Well, no need to worry because Slack is here. You can communicate here directly with your internal team, collaborate, transfer files, offer feedback and solutions using real-time messaging.

So, it’s time to wrap it up! These online tools will definitely be of great help to you. Do not forget to integrate them into your online business.

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