The Newest Marketing Course

Certainly the newest earth quaking event in Internet Marketing insider circles is the release of John Reese’s New, Traffic Secrets marketing course.

I say certainly because I suppose to know what for you as Small marketer is more important. The newest study made by about how much more considered and sophisticated people became in their online shopping behavior. Or the fact that John Reese just released his brand new marketing course which includes every single technique he has ever used in his highly successful campaigns.

For sure you find very useful articles, and Internet statistics at Double Click and I suggest you to go there very often because you should know about new trends and internet developments. But actually the greatest (direct) help for your online promotions is to learn “how to do it on the right way” from marketing courses of must successful guys just like John Reese.

Many of the Big Guys of Online marketing are not happy because John Is doing this. But with no reason. This won’t stop him to sell his marketing course. And don’t matter how many people will buy the course nobody will have to fight with a definitely higher competition in the future.

However there are very, powerful secrets exposed in this marketing course, and certainly the small group who will buy this not really cheap marketing course and will use the system, will definitely leave his competitors miles away behind, but: The aspect of Internet marketing won’t be changed, because the ratio of those who will turn their Marketing Efforts into Substantial income will remain the well known 10% .

Are you asking now why.

If you want to know my personal meaning than here it is:

Just walking in into a bank don’t makes you rich. As same You won’t be rich just by buying books and CD-s or even the world’s best marketing course

Statistics are showing that high percent of buyers don’t even read the marketing courses or e-books they buy. And even if they read them there is a little bit more “to do” for generating Internet income. The big guys like John Reese, Corey Rudl, Shawn Casey and so on, are telling you how to do it. Let me mention here they are telling you damned well. If you own already one of this courses and you still don’t make money I’m wondering if you have read it…

You on your turn have to “learn” and “Work” to apply what they say.

Many people are still thinking that creating an Internet income Has nothing to do with serious working. Marketers have realised this fact very early, that’s why you will never find in a good sale copy the word “work”. Making the failure to use this word in a sale copy would drastically decrease the amount of sales. But this is another story.

Now We all know that 90% of those who try to make money on the internet will never make a dime. They will buy great e-books or marketing courses (good for the others) than when they realise that there is many hours, many weeks of work involved until they see incoming money, and they realise that it is impossible become rich over night they will give it up.

According to this fact nobody has to be afraid from a too high Competition, because this percentage mentioned above will not change. Some People simply don’t really want to become wealthy (they just think they want to…)

Internet marketing success requires hard work, however it is not a secret that it is still easier to be successful as in any business offline. Finally you need to invest only few per cent of that money what you would invest for an off line businesses, you can automate your online business you can reach much more prospects… But: you will always have to: Learn, to Work, to invest (time, Enthusiasm, money).

Are you ready to do all this three points than you will able To increase your sales to the levels that the big guys are promising to you.

I wish you fun and good luck!