3 Tips For Submitting a Press Release to a Newspaper

The story of press releases and submitting it to newspapers has a very colorful history even though they are not being highlighted that regularly by the majority of marketers. The nature of this game has now changed in more ways than one, and if you listen to the pundits out there, then they’ll have you thinking that creating press releases is not the thing to do anymore.

Newspaper editors are wary of substandard material, similar to those that are uploaded to free release distributors and which clearly lacks substance. Here are three powerful tips that will ensure your press release do get considered for newspaper publication.

A – Quotes are powerful in press releases. Newspapers like to publish actual opinions from real people. The day and age of using just any old quote is out, because it will certainly take away from the potentially powerful message in your publication. There is no reason why you should not even quote yourself, especially if this is about your own business. Give due consideration to the fact that the nature of a press release means it is anonymous, except when it is coming from a recognizable business. There are many reasons for quoting, so just do it whilst making absolutely sure that it adds something of substantial value. Since this is all about news, then the quote must also be newsworthy and important enough for readers to appreciate.

B – Include contact information. It will amaze you how many people who write and use press releases, forget to include their contact information. Expectations from newspaper editors for contact data includes your addresses for the business, and the phone numbers where you can be reached. The more ways people have to contact you, the better off you are going to be. If you fail to do this, then you will show the media that you are unprofessional and do not know what you are doing. If you create an authentic release with a good story, then the real media will want to get a hold of you.

C- Stick to a proper format that makes marketing sense. We all know that press release templates do exist, but once you know what needs to be said, a template might not even be necessary. Making a solid and respectable impression on others with your release, should be the ultimate goal of your formatting. If anyone tries to tell you that the format or template can be customized to suit an individual case, then take this advice with suspicion. The relevance of the content comes first, and any consideration about the format comes afterwards.

Although some people do believe that press releases are a waste of time, newspaper editorial staff, still take pride in publishing them. It is an extremely valuable marketing tool when trying to publicize a product or a service. The main reason that people do not appreciate or like them, is when they are not used in the proper manner, resulting in poor or negligible results. You will most certainly benefit from your efforts if you do your releases in a manner acceptable to the print media, so just start applying these tips and you will succeed.