Tips To Pitch Like a Pro

Selling and sharing ideas can be daunting even among the best of us. So, we put together a 3-step guide to help you win that pitch!

Step 1: ‘Stalk’ before talk

The first step in preparing for your presentation would be to remind yourself who you will be presenting to. You would have probably known them from initial meetings or emails. Researching on your audience helps you to craft your presentation approach. Are your audience time-poor executives or are they more laid-back ones who would appreciate a subtle injection of humor or the use of Game of Thrones references? If you still don’t know your client well-enough, instead of stalking that hopeless crush on Facebook and Instagram, put that impeccable researching skills of yours to a better use.

Step 2: Arouse interest

Speaking too much is a common problem with the bright-eyed and bushy tailed. No matter how interesting your pitch is or how interesting you are attempting to make it, there is always a limit to your audience’s attention span and capacity to register.

A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest. -Winston Churchill

Speaking of dress, another way to secure your audience’s attention is to dress for the occasion. When picking out your outfit for the next pitch, consider this:

“Am I dressing to attract or am I dressing to distract?”

Appearance affects how we are perceived and if our message gets across smoothly. The last thing you would want is for your client to be second-guessing your professionalism and your taste.

Protip#1: Be a storyteller. Weave a story from the points. Move away from the slides. Everyone loves a good story.

Step 3: Don’t just nail it, crush it

Power dressing and having a well-thought out speech would not matter if you can’t own the stage. Confidence is the key. There is no other way to look and sound confident than to be prepared and comfortable. Remember, when you present or pitch, you are the expert on the subject matter. Nothing puts the audience off like a nervous pitcher who heavily relies on speech crutches or one who sounds like the presenter is trying to outrap Nicki Minaj. Trust us, when you have that confidence, style will find its way.

Protip#2: Record and review your practices. The cameras don’t lie. Not in this case.

And how do we know all these? Pitching to the media for exposure, clients for sales and bosses for approvals too are part of our every work.Now that you have the necessary tools, all it lacks is action so go and be fabulous!